The help command shows all the available commands.

pass keybase help

The version command shows the version of the program.

pass keybase version

The init command initialize the program. This must be called before the program can be used. keybase-id… is a space separated list of keybase usernames which will be used to encrypt or decrypt passwords.

pass keybase init keybase-id...

The encrypt command can be use to decrypt the given pass-name via gpg and pipe it to keybase to encrypt it under the same path but with extension ‘.keybase’.

pass keybase encrypt pass-name

encrypt-all is there to make a keybase encrypted backup of all your gpg encrypted passwords.

pass keybase encrypt-all

Use the decrypt command to decrypt a given pass-name

pass keybase decrypt pass-name

It is also possible to decrypt a password file and put the first line on the clipboard. The clipboard will be cleared in $CLIP_TIME seconds.

pass keybase clip pass-name

To remove a given pass-name use the command described below.

pass keybase remove pass-name

With remove-all all of your keybase encrypted passwords will be removed.

pass keybase remove-all

report print out how many GPG and how many Keybase encrypted files you have.

pass keybase report